Number One: Notice them.

No, this is not 1862 and yes, the election is quite over YET you see a rando tall man holding a trump sign in the center square of your campus. (Do not panic, you are not hallucinating and do not let your brain find denial, just notice it, ok?)

Number TWo: Don’t be mean.nice

This is what \is expected of you. Don’t do that/ why be ordinary PREdictable?


Number Three: Laughfood

Not at them. In your head. (THis helps)








Number Four: Gather stick=s.

This may seem like a child’s game but it is not. Be dead serious, but polite. Preferably gather them a ways away, in order to add to the elements

5: Surprise!

Wander back into their general vicinity. Start dropping the sticks in a slow circle around them. Do not get too close. (You do not have to practice any sort of witchery to perform this action, it is more the act than the substance, and you are whoever you think you are)capn

Six: When they ask you “Wha? WHat is that?” Do not hesitate to smile

and say prettily “That is art.”
Walk away. Do not stick around and when


SEVEN: he says

“WELL, that’s no art I ever seen before… I  don’t  like this…
just keep walking.*


for eternity


(all of these events are completely true and actually happened TODAY, February 21, 2017.)




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