since I wasted so much TIME yesterday

design basics.

I’m wondering right now how honest I can be and if what I write even matters.
Some say it does.

This is my Day After Doctor Martin Luther King Day post parade and I fell off.  Misplaced my black card
chute it down the drain.

Feeling both conflicted and well-worn when it comes to writer’s responsibility and my circle, hula-hoop, and the image.

I took his image and threw it in a mix… only thought about it later, he probably deserved much much more than that.

Not to beat myself down, I just feel overwhelmed lately with our new Ambassador of Doom and Racist Rhetoric. I’m sick, I walk outside and sometimes think of what’s going on in the world and feel hopeless.

Martin Luther King wasn’t about that. He wasn’t about being hopeless. He used his thoughts and words to give hope to millions, and it endures. Will endure.

If anything- I will take as a lesson to stand up, be loud, repeat, repeat, repeat… even if it seems people should already know- repeat. It matters. One voice matters. And here we are getting all sincere again but at times

sincerity matters.

and I’m done. Give me my black card back.

(I’ll get you one too. They’re available FREE for everyone)


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