..he would never kill someone ‘cuz then he’d be impeached, right?

…don’t write that or he’ll have you killed and then you’d be dead.

Can you be re-elected after you’re impeached?

These are all the kid questions fired at me along with peaches like “Well… I think he has a lot of evil but a little good, like, he has to have a little good inside of him right?”

It makes me think.

And I came up with another way to ‘splain it today that actually made me feel a little better, too.  Here goes:

Ok.  Picture this.  You know like in a comic book, or a comic book cartoon, and there’s the bad guy at the end- the villain.  And he’s on the ground thrashing around right?

Oh… thrashing is when you jerk your arms a lot on the floor and just get on the floor and do it. See?  That’s Donald Trump.

How to Rage Tweet 101

It’s the final death rattle. A long gasp.

A gasp is when you know it’s almost over so you take in all the air you can I guess, I don’t know or it’s involuntary.

Good point.


So, him, his whole gang, they’re down there doing that but then he gets all the way up and starts making that speech, right?

You know the speech they make and it’s long and stupid


yeah it’s long and stupid, pointless and pretty dumb when you think about it because you know it’s giving a lot of ample time for the good guy to get his shit together and make a come back and end him, right? Well, that’s what’s happening.giphy-8




Keep in mind we got 4 years. Only 4 years. All of 4 years to let him babble and yeah he’s got his hand on our neck and the other bad guys are standing watch around the warehouse but something always happens, right?

Don’t know what that is but keep in mind that now we’re more aware.

The thing is people were falling asleep or already asleep for a long, long while and now more are starting to wake up and once only 4 years are over they’ll be back in a MAD CRAZY WAY and actually vote and do other physical, real things to be better people, to stay awake, to keep an eye out for the bad guy. (And maybe we, as a nation, will stop being the bad guy too



Yeah, he’s always there… somewhere lurching about, I guess it wouldn’t be a show without him.




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