Just write anything.
Technically yes, just write anything.

“Yeah, because Donald Trump made you mad…anything, you can do anything you want.”

Yeah but

“Yeah but why did Donald Trump even try to be president-”

But what does that matter-

“He wants to take over every land in the world, trust me, all the planets… stuff like that.”

I guess so.

—-well I’ve been having a difficult time expressing myself it seems. A seven year old had/has is having more courage than me. Is it courage or trepidation… more subtle forms of fear? Despair? Hopelessness?

somebody please feed me a hope sandwich

I can’t come up with the perfect article, poem, short story, video, art piece. I can only swing a bat at it at least.

Here’s my bat. Up there and down here. My experience: pain.

It’s rough to know that half the country at least supports this racist madman, regardless of the reasons, it hurts. I think about identity and how in my practice I try to dis-identify with cultural constructs but part of me still feels the pain from this reality. What part- idk. The one that still has to interact with other beings and see my reflection in their eyes, their reflection in mine. That part.

My strength:

My hope:

Ok still working on that part. It’ll come about. Here’s another bat- handed to me electronically through the ether-
I’m glad he ex’d his thoughts and knowledge to share
it helps:

Everything mattered: lessons from 2016’s bizarre presidential election







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