*I can see these beings must have encountered the very same exacting artists from my recent trip.  How did saming artist demands hap from two places hop?  Were they there with me and also body in dlkjfelrh?

*I approve of this list and like all people who created


Do not apply if:

1) You will have a number of exhibitions opening during the period of your residency. dkjfhkdsj is a long way from most places. Transportation to and from dkfjiejjihf can be costly and time consuming. Organizing exhibitions and shipping work can be difficult and expensive from kjsdfheoirj. Extended absences from the studio breaks up the creative process and undermines the rationale for the residency.
2) You find the idea of the residency a flattering notion. The purpose of the residency is to provide time to immerse yourself in the creative process and not just to add another line to your resume. Artists should actually need studio time to focus on their work*. Otherwise you might be supplanting an artist just as deserving, who could use the residency year productively.
3) Your spouse or partner is not committed to the residency. The residency is located on the outskirts of a town of 50,000 people. There are few employment opportunities. A year can be a long time in some career areas. While the dkjfhekjhr area has some decent schools, no special or ‘outstanding’ private schooling is available in this part of rural dskjfhkjeb. In addition there can be considerable challenges returning to one’s per-residency life.

4) You have unusual heath issues or heavy debt. Our goal is to support the artists’ creative process over a period of time. We can not, however, solve all of the artists’ life problems.

5) You are uncomfortable living alone or often find yourself at odds with your neighbors or colleagues.*  The residency is small. As few as five other artists might share the residency with you at one time. For some artists, but not all, this is an ideal situation.

6) If you have no means transportation. While the residency itself is essentially self contained, the facility is three miles from the nearest retailers. In the past some residents have managed with only a bicycle but keep in mind that this is the American West and conditions vary considerably. A drivers license and an automobile are generally considered essential to everyday living. Additionally, numerous destinations of interest can only be accessed by car.

7) You can not live without your dog for a whole year.



3 thoughts on “dlkjfelrh

  1. I liked this but it’s been hard for me to focus on anything other than the election and state of affairs… I think all of us artists should try our best to keep talking about current things ijs. Love all your posts, you inspire me.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for that. Are you saying I should only post posts that are about politics… that’s rough. Ima take the compliment and not get all defensive lol. although now I want to write a short story about it :-0

      Politics, that is. We’ss see. now I gotta dust off my story writing pants. They are in the corner, dusting.

      Liked by 1 person

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