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I put too many cards on m table oops. Try again.


AM I a capuchin monkey?

    am I?    wikiHow to Quiet a Capuchin Monkey Capuchin monkeys are known for their intelligence, but also for their boisterous and animated behavior. Although many states and countries have restrictions on purchasing and owning these exotic animals, people often decide to take capuchins on as pets. Their noisy nature, however, can make…

I have art

I haven't been talking lately. A collage for class.  But it's not about the photocopier photoshop believable, instead, we are to copy and paint  again idk... i like the real pic.  It started out bad.  Cluttered and I couldn't figure it out.  Then I realized I needed a background ie landscaping or something. And I…


I realize I have been out of commission 1. not in service; not in working order. synonyms: not in service, not in use, unserviceable; not working, inoperative, out of order So I am writing to you to SAY, hey there. And I will try a lil' harder.

I made it really big.

....I'm going to picture love and light until all of the fucks have dispensed from my arena and I only have a few left, but the good kind, the kind you give to others.  In the good way. Here's my media.  ****oh here's a song that's kind of fun to listen to when (if) you…